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About the New York Federation


By simply joining one of the Federation’s affiliate associations, you become a member of the Federation. Memberships in any of the affiliate associations processed, prior to the early conference registration deadline, will entitle the registrant to receive the ‘member discount’.

To receive affiliates’ membership application, please contact:

  • NYS Association For Solid Waste Management: Jeff Bouchard  (518) 568-2095
  • NYS Association for Reduction, Reuse and Recycling: Lisa Ruggero (518) 482-7395
  • Solid Waste Association of North America: Debra Smith (607) 778-2397

NYS Legislation

Legislative Updates (as of February 27, 2017)

Bob Matarazzo (1951 -2020)

Bob was a character and unconventional leader in the best sense: always upbeat, sharp-witted, kind and generous with his colleagues, whom he also considered his friends. He was truly one of a kind who will be greatly missed by all who were fortunate enough to have crossed paths with him in the solid waste and recycling industry.

Federation Officers

Bruce Howie, Chairperson – HDR, Inc.
Kelli Timbrook, Vice-Chairperson – Casella Organics
Cindy G. Livingston, Secretary – Fulton County, NY DSW
Kenneth Armellino, P.E., Treasurer – Covanta

Advisors and Past Federation Officers (1997 – 2019)

Margretta Morris, Past Chairperson
Russell P. Rutkowski, Past Vice-Chairperson
Eric D. Swenson, Past Secretary
Robert Matarazzo, Past Treasurer


The Federation of New York Solid Waste Associations and its affiliates have collectively established an Operating Agreement to provide a framework for its operation and management.