2023 Proceedings

2023 Proceedings

End-of-Life Batteries, Electronics, and Solar Panels
Lithium-Ion Battery Policy.Kitchener, Katherine. DSNY. 2023.
Managing Solar Panels in Niagara County, New York. Timm, Dawn. Niagara County. 2023.
New Regulations Changing the e-Recycling Landscape. Bove, Phil. Sunnking. 2023.
Too Hot to Handle: Lithium-Ion Battery Hazards and End Use Management. Vetrone, Louis J. and Melissa-Jean Rotini. County of Westchester DEF. 2023.

Engineering Ethics
Ethics in Engineering: A Panel Discussion. Swyka, Mark. Tetra Tech. 2023.

Extended Producer Responsibility
Bottle Bill and Packaging EPR: Friends or Foes?. Outerbridge, Tom. Sims Municipal Recycling. 2023.
EPR for Packaging & Beverage Container Deposits: The Data. Dimino, Resa. RRS. 2023.
Holistic Packaging Policy: EPR-PPP and DRS. Sarah. TOMRA. 2023.
NYS Extended Producer Responsibility for Carpet RRS / RRS / Signalfire Group. 2023.
PaintCare Program Update. Baxter, Wes. PaintCare. 2023.
Reimagining the Bottle Bill. Elizabeth. Reloop. 2023.

Funding Strategies
Ending Food Waste to Landfill with the Inflation Reduction Act.. Manwelyan, Eugenia. GBB. 2023..
Paving the Way for Sustainable Materials Management. cCarthy, Kat. Tompkins County Recycling and Materials Management. 2023.
Why the Money Matters So Much? Building and Using a Five-Year Financial Plan for Successful Outcomes. Roche, Kevin. ecomaine. 2023.

Industry & Regulatory Updates
Draft New York State Solid Waste Management Plan. Vitale, David. NYSDEC. 2023.
Part 360 Series Revisions – Solid Waste Management Facility Regulations. Clarkson, Richard. NYSDEC. 2023.

Landfill Design & Operations
An Old Landfill Reclamation. Sprouse, Dyson. GHD. 2023.
Hydraulic Barrier Wall Design and Construction. Long, Derek T. Sanborn, Head & Associates, Inc. Marsack, Mark G. Modern Corporation. 2023.
Imported Fill Material: Characterization, Remediation, and Management. Musso, Michael. HDR. 2023.
Investigation of Subsurface Reactions of an Elevated Temperature Landfill. Sanborn, Head & Associates, Inc. 2023.
Landfills Filling Up? CLCPA Got You Down in the “Dumps”? How About Some Alternative Technologies? Andrew M. Sterling Environmental Engineering, P.C. Apy, Ray. Northeastern Biochar Solutions. McSpedon, Dane. Hughes Energy. 2023.
Landfill Leachate Evaporation Fueled by Wood Waste Combustion. Curro, Joseph P. CDM Smith. 2023.

Landfill Gas
Leveraging the RNG Potential of Small to Medium Size Landfills. Pennypacker, Jason, Tanguy Largeau and Marina Casadei. Waga Energy, Inc. 2023.
Organic Materials Diversion Impacts on Landfill Gas Generation, Collection and Recovery. Scrimgeour, Marcus. Tetra Tech. 2023.

Leachate Management
Creating a Leachate-Resistant Concrete Floor. Beyer, Vince. Euclid Chemical. 2023.
Getting Water from Leachate: Recent Advances in Reverse Osmosis Based Leachate Treatment Systems. Baker, Peter G. and Peter Schruben. Rochem Americas. 2023.
Innovative Approach to On-site Landfill Fluid Management. Holub, Matt. Heartland Water Technology. 2023.

Approach to Develop a Community PFAS Balance. Cooper, Ivan A. and Jon Kitchen. Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. 2023.
Beneficial Use of Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) Under the EPA 2015 Ruling for CCR Management. Laubenstein, Joe. Waste Connections. 2023.
Controlling PFAS: Pivoting from Linear Solid Waste Management. Darby, Debra and Arie Kremen. Tetra Tech. 2023.
Cost Effective PFAS Leachate Treatment Results from Recent Pilot Testing. Murray, Jeffrey. HDR. 2023.
PFAS Treatment Strategy for Leachate. Zeng, Lingke and Steve Zemba. Sanborn, Head & Associates, Inc. 2023.
PFAS Treatment through Destruction and a Case Study on High Energy Electron Beam Treatment. Brown, Tyler R. Tetra Tech. 2023.

Purpose in the Workplace (Keynote)
Purpose at Work: Leading with an Infinite Mindset. Sandoe, Katie. Light Echo Co. 2023.

Organics Management
Carbon Footprint of a Compost Facility & Compost Use. Bonhotal, Jean and Mary Schwarz. Cornell Waste Management Institute. 2023.
Organics Management & Biochar Production. Sweeney, Sean. Barton & Loguidice. 2023.
Staten Island Compost Facility Upgrade Lessons Learned: Facility Modernization for Industrial Scale Food Waste Composting. Twine, Ian. DSNY. Fleury, Brian. Denali Water. Pleasanton, Waylon. Sustainable Generation. 2023.

Quantification & Planning
Analyzing New York State Solid Waste Composition Data 2022. Firmansyah, Firman. Stony Brook University Waste Data & Analysis Center. 2023.
An Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Generation in the Solid Waste Management Industry. Blake, Jillian. Barton & Loguidice. 2023.
Conventional Waste Characterization Studies. Stony Brook University Waste Data & Analysis Center. 2023.
New Technologies for LF and Compost Facility Remote Monitoring. Hostetter, David P. SCS Engineers. 2023.

Recycling / Waste Diversion
Bye-Bye, Blue Bins; Hello Recycling Carts! Lisa. OCRRA. Levau, Kyra. The Recycling Partnership. 2023.
Designing Infrastructure to Guide Recycling Behavior. Cooley, Alec. Busch Systems. 2023.
Monroe County’s Recycling Education Using Amazon Alexa® Smart Speakers. Garland, Mike. Harkin, Tony. iCitizen. 2023.
Seattle’s Defiant Solid Waste Management Evolution. Fife-Ferris, Susan. City of Seattle. 2023.
US Textile Recovery on the Path to Circularity. Adler, Marisa. RRS. 2023.
What is “Chemical Recycling”? Cassel, Scott. Product Stewardship Institute. 2023.

Solar on Closed Landfills
Maximizing Solar Potential on Closed Landfill Sites. Rohr, Logan. Tetra Tech. 2023.
Navigating the Permitting and Regulatory Process: Development of Solar Arrays on Closed Landfills. Grace, Jonathan H. Sanborn, Head & Associates, Inc. 2023.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Rubber Modified Asphalt. Atkinson, John D. SUNY – University at Buffalo. 2023.
Refuse Truck Fleet Electrification Roadmap. Sherman, James. Roundtrip EV Solutions, Inc. 2023.