2022 Proceedings

2022 Proceedings

Addressing Climate Change
Climate Leadership and Community Protection. Cahill, Michael J. Germano & Cahill, P.C. 2022.
Climate Policy Impacts to Municipal Solid Waste.. Clark, Lori. Stony Brook University and St. Lawrence University. 2022.
Monroe County Climate Action Plan, a Tool for Compliance with the CLCPA. Guevara, Yasmin. Monroe County Department of Environmental Services. 2022.

Extended Producer Responsibility
New York Paint Stewardship Program. Vera, Sandra. PaintCare. 2022.
Progress on EPR for Specific Materials: Batteries. Ellis, Todd. Call2Recycle. 2022.
Updates on EPR for Solar Panels, Batteries, Mattresses and More.. Amanda. Product Stewardship Institute. 2022.

Industry & Regulatory Updates
Division of Materials Management Regulation & Program Update.. Clarkson, Richard. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC). 2022.
Solid Waste Industry Update.. Biderman, David. Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA). 2022.

Landfill Cap & Closure
Alternative Closure Systems: Reduction in Maintenance, and Associated Costs.. Trask, Dan. Solmax. 2022.
Life After Landfill Closure.. Murray, Jeffrey S. HDR. 2022.

Landfill Design & Operations
Applying Data Acquisition and Retrieval Tools to Increase Operational Efficiencies.. Nolden, Randy. Tetra Tech. 2022.
Landfill Environmental Monitoring.. Benson, John A. and Darik M. Jordan. Barton & Loguidice. 2022.
Landfills as Museums: An Education Initiative Promoting Sustainable Thinking.. Fors, Adrienne and Jay Kaplan. Waste Management. 2022.
Remote Monitoring and Control – Innovate Your Landfill Operations.. Hostetter, David P. SCS Engineers. 2022.
SCADA/Telemetry Supporting Landfill Monitoring.. Eagleton, Doug. Sanborn Head & Associates, Inc. 2022.
Subsurface Investigation of a MSW Landfill for Site Specific Design Parameters.. Dohner, Christopher S. Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. 2022.

Landfill Gas
H2S Treatment Technologies. Emmert, Billy. Tetra Tech. 2022.
Renewable Natural Gas: The Future of Landfill Gas to Energy Recovery? Damiano, Lisa. Sanborn Head & Associates, Inc. 2022.

Leachate Management & Stormwater
A Case Study on Advanced Leachate Treatment: Startup of Operations and Integration of Upgrades. Shurie, Kirstie. Tetra Tech. 2022.
Impact of Moisture on GCL Performance. Paul J. and Barry Y. VanLaarhoven. Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. 2022.
Leachate: Redirect, Rollback, and Reduce with EGCs. Holmes, Rob. Tetra Tech. 2022.
Stormwater Management for Extreme Weather Events. Blake, Jillian and Bethann Parmelee. Barton & Loguidice. 2022.

An Update on Evolving PFAS Regulations and their Potential Impacts Relevant to Solid Waste Facilities. Estabrooks, Matthew. Sanborn Head & Associates, Inc. 2022.
How Significant are PFAS Emissions to Ambient Air from Landfills? Zemba, Stephen. Sanborn Head & Associates, Inc. 2022.
PFAS in Leachate from Operating Landfills in New Jersey Subject to the USEPA PFAS Roadmap.
Kremen, Arie P. Tetra Tech. 2022.
PFAS in Organics: Potential Implications for Facilities. Darby, Debra. Tetra Tech. 2022.

Organics Management
Approaching the Food Recovery Pyramid from the Bottom Up. Siljkovic, Ermin. Orange County Department of Public Works. 2022.
Composting Non-Marketable Paper. Daley, Douglas. State University of New York (SUNY) College of Environmental Science and Forestry. 2022.
Expanding Food Donation Capacities Across NYS by Replicating Local Food Recovery Networks.
Kerns, Jesse. Syracuse University Center for Sustainable Community Solutions. 2022.
From Waste to Wheelbarrow: Westchester’s Compost & Education Center. Vetrone, Louis J. and Melissa-Jean Rotini. Westchester County, NY. 2022.
Hybrid Composting & Business Analysis. McCarron, Greg. SCS Engineers. 2022.
“Use By” is Dated: “End Food Waste” Initiative Engaged New American Communities to Reduce Food Waste and Conserve Household Expenses. Piering, Lisa. Onondaga Resource Recovery Agency (OCRRA). Abrahim-Petrie, Krishana. Northeast Waste Management Officials’ Association (NEWMOA). 2022.

Quantification & Planning
Determining Variation in Waste Generation. Manzur, Sameena. Stony Brook University Waste Data & Analysis Center.
Increasing Authentic Public Participation in New York State Solid Waste Management Planning: Industry Best Practices. Porter, Jennifer and Theresa Evans. GBB. Faber, Steve. Byrum & Fisk Advocacy Communications. 2022.
Preliminary Data on the Composition of NYS Solid Waste and Recyclables. Tonjes, David J. Stony Brook University Waste Data & Analysis Center. 2022.
Solid Waste Management Planning in the Context of the NYS Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act. McDonnell, Jennifer. New York City Department of Sanitation. 2022.
Successfully Navigating the Environmental Justice Process. Howie, Bruce and David Gmach. HDR. 2022.

Recycling / Waste Diversion
Center for Sustainable Materials Management Update. Walker, Kate. Center for Sustainable Materials Management. 2022.
Diverting Plastic Waste for the Transportation Infrastructure Projects. Ahmed, Asif. State University of New York (SUNY) Polytechnic Institute. 2022.
Innovative Methods for Processing Mixed Color Recycled Glass to Clean, Usable Products.
Curro, Joseph P. CDM Smith. 2022.
North Country MRF Feasibility Study. McCarron, Greg. SCS Engineers. 2022.
Recovery & Use of Aggregate from Waste-to-Energy Ash. McCarron, Greg. SCS Engineers. 2022.
The Influence of Social Norms on Recycling Behavior in Urban Multifamily Buildings. Hewitt, Elizabeth L. Stony Brook University Waste Data & Analysis Center. 2022.

Reuse and Repair
Hidden Product Reuse in Urban Environments. Diyamandoglu, Vasil. The City College of New York. 2022.
Reuse: The Emerging ‘R’. Lasdin Momberger, Sue and Dan Lilkas-Rain. NYS Association for Reduction, Reuse, and Recycling. Pletcher, Chris. Build Reuse. 2022.
Right to Repair Legislative Update. Gordon-Byrne, Gay. Digital Right to Repair Coalition. 2022.

Dealing with Fire. Hughes, Michael. Casella. 2022.
Safety and the OSHA Regional Alliance. Biderman, David. Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA). 2022.
SWANA / OSHA Alliance. Levy, Michael. Occupational Safety and Health Administration. 2022.