2020 Proceedings

2020 Proceedings

COVID-19 Impacts  Session Videos
NYC Waste Management in the Time of COVID-19, Anderson, Bridget. DSNY. 2020
COVID-19 Impacts, Langolis, Tim. Casella Waste Systems. 2020.
COVID-19 A REVIEW, Davis, Alan. Modern Disposal Services. 2020.

PFAS Pathways Session Videos
The SWANA PFASwiki, Cooper, Ivan. Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. Kremen, PhD, Arie. Tetra Tech. 2020.
PFAS Study of Solid Waste Materials, Estabrooks, PE, Matthew. Zemba, PhD, PE, Stephen. Sanborn Head & Associates, Inc. 2020.

Addressing Struggling Recycling Markets in NYS Session Videos
Addressing Struggling Recycling Markets in New York State, Panel: Calaraco, Andrea D., Casella Recycling, LLC. Flower, Will. Winters Bros. Recycling of Long Island. Bellew, Martin. Islip Resource Recovery Agency. 2020.

Understanding Odor and Ways to Cover It Session Videos
LSC Odor Control, Ventimiglia, Ben. LSC Environmental Products, LLC. 2020.
Case Study of How Alternative Covers Can Help Solve Operational Issues, Casullo, Michael. GHD. Mohr, J.D. EPI Environmental Products, Inc. 2020.
Geosynthetic Solutions to Control LFG Surface Emissions, Fourmont, Stephan. afitex Texel Geosynthetics. Pugh, Elliot. Wind Defender. 2020.

Emerging Perspectives on Packaging EPR Session Videos
Overview of EPR Policy for Packaging in the U.S., Hickle, Garth. University of Minnesota. 2020.
New York Packaging Stewardship Efforts, Timm, Dawn. NYPSC. 2020.
Recycling Policy and Packaging Recovery in the U.S., Hackman, Andrew. (on behalf of Ameripan). 2020.
NWRA_Emerging Perspectives on EPR, Changaris, Steve. NWRA, NYS. 2020.
Canada’s Extended Producer Responsibility Programs: An Overview, Pearce, David. Canadian Stewardship Services Alliance. 2020.

Trash Today, Power Tomorrow Session Videos
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