2019 Proceedings

2019 Conference Proceedings

Anaerobic Digestion

Fifteen Years of Anaerobic Digestion Operations. Khan, Carlyle. City of Toronto. Gidda, Tej & Haleh Shahriari. GHD. 2019.
The Rahway Valley Sewerage Authority Co-Digestion of Biosolids to Energy Enhancement Project. Sapir, Rick. Hawkins Delafield & Wood LLP. 2019.

Compost Applications

Municipal Compost Use in Sustainable Agriculture. Duprey, Charles D. Naturcycle, LLC. 2019.
Using Compost as a Roadway and Ditch Project Restoration, Stablization and Stormwater Control Medium. Hinickle, Angel. Tompkins County Soil & Water Conservation District. Nostrand, Scott. Barton & Loguidice. 2019.


Ethics Panel. Swyka, Mark A. Cornerstone Environmental Group, LLC. 2019.

Extended Producer Responsibility

Packaging Extended Producer Responsibility – An Evolution in Recycling. Metzner, Tom. Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. 2019.
Printed Paper and Packaging Extended Producer Responsibility in Québec. Guillemette, Mathieu. Éco Entreprises Québec. 2019.

Food Recovery

Community Composting in the Big Apple. Green, Justin. Big Reuse. 2019.
Community Composting Operations in Service of Food Waste Recycling. Higby, Elsa. Queens Botanical Garden. 2019.
Food Scrap Drop-off & Community Composting in NYC. Bachman, Emily. GrowNYC. 2019.
Food Waste Solving Habitat Restoration Objectives. Blauvelt, Shane. Parsons. Cocca, Dale. OCRRA. 2019.
Managing Food Waste in Your Community – A Guide to Implementation. Hall, Missy. New York State Pollution Prevention Institute. 2019.
Romaine Calm! How a Curbside Organics Collection Program is Making Big Strides Toward Zero Waste. Roarke, Christine. HDR. Orr, Mike. City of Cambridge. 2019.
Soup to Nuts: Reducing Food Waste with Donation. Mansell, Coryanne. Center for EcoTechnology. 2019.

Hard-to-Recycle Materials

Closing the Loop: Recovering Resources from Recycled Cardboard By-Products. Spillane, Kevin. OCRRA. 2019.
Experience with Tires: Increased Challenges in a Changing Disposal Landscape. Meyers, Jeff. Cascades Recovery+. 2019.
Utilization of Reclaimed Sands in Construction Materials. Mathews, Grady. PennState Harrisburg. 2019.
What’s Up with Shingle Recycling in New York? Hannon, John. Triad Recycling and Energy. 2019.

Landfill Design & Operations

Advantages of Artificial Turf Closure Cap at the Louisa County Landfill. Fantell, Jeff. LaBella Associates, D.P.C. 2019.
Exiting NSPS Subpart WWW/XXX Requirements During Landfill Post-Closure. Scrimgeour, Marcus. SCS Engineers. 2019.
Impacts of Placing Waste Under Freezing Conditions on Settlement and Airspace Utilization: A Field Study. Van Geel, Paul. Carleton University. 2019.
Lessons Learned from the Electrical Resistivity Testing Requirement for NYS Landfills. Gilson, Abigail. TRI Environmental. 2019.
Use of Geosynthetic Turf Cap for a Confined Landfill Site. Lappano, Paul. Lockwood, Kessler and Bartlett, Inc. 2019.
Using Leachate Generation, Groundwater Transport, and Landfill Gas Modeling as Predictors of Post-Closure and Custodial Care Costs. Soukup, William G. & Daryl O’Dell. Cornerstone Environmental Group, LLC. 2019.

Landfill Gas

Harnessing the Sun to Control Offsite LFG Migration. Curro, Joseph P. CDM Smith. 2019.
Recycling and Composting Law – a Detriment to Landfill Gas Beneficial Use? A NEWSVT Landfill Case Study. Little, Heather H. Sanborn, Head & Associates, Inc. 2019.
Rehab, Repair, or Replace: Addressing an Aging Landfill Gas Extraction System During Landfill Closure Design and Construction: A Case Study. Curro, Joseph P. CDM Smith. 2019.

Leachate Management

Leachate Controls at Landfill Sections 2/8 and 3/4: Fresh Kills Landfill. Jackson, Tim. New York City Department of Sanitation. Wysocki, Ed. Aptim Environmental & Infrastructure LLC. 2019.
Leachate Treatment for a Variety of Emerging Contaminants. Cooper, Ivan A. Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. 2019.
Some Short-term Characteristics of Leachate Quality in the Methanogenic Phase. Kremen, Arie P. Cornerstone Environmental Group, LLC. 2019.


Leachate Treatment Technologies for PFAS. Stanford, Patrick. Rochem Americas, Inc. 2019.
PFAS Cycling Between Landfills and WWTPs. Zemba, Stephen & Harrison Roakes. Sanborn, Head & Associates, Inc. 2019.
PFAS in our Landfills – What’s Next? Kline, Stephen M. GZA GeoEnvironmental of New York. 2019.
Preliminary Laboratory Treatabliity Studies for Landfill Leachate PFAS Treatment. Thomas, Ryan. GHD. 2019.
The ABCs of PFAS: PFAS and Solid Waste Facilities. Roy, Nikki. Golder. 2019.

Public Outreach, Education, & Perception

Creating a Culture of Waste Reduction: Toronto’s Community Reduce and Reuse Programs. Fernandes, Stephanie. City of Toronto. 2019.
Inspiring Better Recycling Behavior with Effective Outreach. Rieser, Michael. GrowNYC. 2019.
Monroe County’s Recycling Right Campaign. Garland, Mike and Luann Meyer. Monroe County. 2019.
Sending a Clear Message to Recycle Right. Ruggero, Lisa & Jesse Kerns. Syracuse University Center for Sustainable Community Solutions. 2019.
Targeted Recycling Messaging: Together We’re Stronger! Bloomfield, Amy. NYSDEC. 2019.

Quantification & Planning

Be Prepared: Disaster Planning and Response. Link, Kimiko. USEPA Region 2. 2019.
Comparison of Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Waste-to-Energy vs. Landfilling. Damiano, Lisa & Stephen Zemba. Sanborn, Head & Associates, Inc. 2019.
LCA Models Explained. Tonjes, David J. & Krista Thyberg. Stony Brook University. 2019.

Recycling / Waste Diversion

Challenges into Opportunities. Cohen, Diane. Finger Lakes ReUse, Inc. 2019.
Covanta Metals Management: Metals and Ash Reuse. Bossotti, Steven J. Covanta. 2019.
HRRA Glass Collection Pilot Program. Heaton-Jones, Jennifer A. HRRA. 2019.
MRF Glass in the Northeast. Remolador, Mary Ann. Northeast Recycling Council, Inc. 2019.
National Perspectives on Recycling: Challenges and Opportunities. Biderman, David. SWANA. 2019.
NY Glass Stakeholder Meetings Overview. McArdle, Kate. New York State Pollution Prevention Institute. 2019.
Tactics and Tools to Fight Contamination. Taylor, Rob. The Recycling Partnership. 2019.
Take Back Control of Your Recycling Program. Dimino, Resa. RRS. 2019.


Regulatory Update. Sander, Kirk M. National Waste & Recycling Association. 2019.
Waste Tires and the New Part 360 Series. Prather, Kathy. NYSDEC. 2019.
Renewable Energy
Wind Turbine Projects. Hannon, John. Triad Recycling and Energy. 2019.


Data Convergence and Safety for Waste & Recycling. Syzoneko, Brenda. SmartDrive Systems, Inc. 2019.
Getting Off the List of 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in America: A Top SWANA Priority. Biderman, David. SWANA. 2019.

Succession Planning

Organizational Sustainability: Bridging the Gap in Succession Planning. Lezinski, Stephen T. Barton & Loguidice. 2019.

Suzanne D. LaLonde Institute

Women Leaders in Material Management. McArdle, Kate. New York State Pollution Prevention Institute. 2019.


Demonstration Project for a Portable Waste to Energy Rotary Gasification System and Use as a Recycle Alternative for Plastics and Tires. Amodeo, Paul. SUNY Cobleskill and Synstainable Energy Systems, LLC. 2019.