2018 Proceedings

2018 Conference Proceedings


Food Waste

Flying Sparcs and Ugly Foods – A Demonstration of Food Waste Reduction. Mawhinney, David. Haven’s Kitchen. 2018.
Food Recovery Strategies for Businesses and Institutions: Prevention, Donation, and Diversion Using On-Site Systems. Macaluso, Lorenzo. Center for EcoTechnology. 2018.
Looking Upstream: The Environmental Benefits of Reducing Wasted Food. Robinson, Susan. Waste Management. 2018.
Minimizing the Problem – Getting to the Roots of Food Waste. Nestor, Michele. Nestor Resources, Inc. 2018.
On-Site Systems: Making Sense of the Options. Labuzetta, Ava. New York State Pollution Prevention Institute. 2018.
Reducing Food Waste and Increasing Food Recovery: An Overview of State Policy Opportunities. Sandson, Katie. Harvard Law School Food Law and Policy Clinic. 2018.
Sustainable Management of Food: EPA Programs and Resources. Mitchell, Judy-Ann. United States Environmental Protection Agency. 2018.

Green Business

New York Green Business Program. Vana, John and Brendan Woodruff. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. 2018.
Raising the Business Voice for Sustainability. Rossi, Bob. New York Sustainable Business Council. 2018.

Landfill Design & Operations

Assessing Risks of Using Soils in Landfills as Cover. Zemba, Stephen and David Adams. Sanborn Head & Associates, Inc. 2018.
Battling Dragonscale. Coyne, Thomas and Melanie Morgan. Coyne Chemical. 2018.
Design of Drainage Geocomposites for Landfill Applications using the ASTM D7931. Damiano, Lisa and Eric Steinhauser. Sanborn Head & Associates, Inc. Fourmont, Stephan. Afitex-Texel. 2018.
Every Landfill Operator Needs to Know About Ground Stabilization. Hanrahan, Peter M. Everett J. Prescott, Inc. 2018.
Facing Challenges in Permitting and Procuring a ClosureTurf® System at a Municipally-Owned Landfill. Timm, Dawn. Niagara County. Burns, Christopher. CHA Consulting, Inc. 2018.
SCMUA Landfill Life Extension Project. Varro, Thomas. Sussex County Municipal Utilities Authority. Swyka, Mark. Cornerstone Environmental Group, LLC. 2018.
Solar-Powered Landfill Piston-Pumping: Six Years of Success and Learnings. Bertane, Mark. Blackhawk Technology Company. 2018.
When a Landfill Cap is Not a Cap: A Case History. Curro, Joseph P. CDM Smith. 2018.

Landfill Gas

Landfill Gas to Cash: $30+ Million in 3 Years. Dolinar, Sarah. New York City Department of Sanitation. Lack, Randall. Element Markets, LLC. 2018.
Rising Liquid Levels in Gas Wells. Baker, Peter G. Barton & Loguidice, DPC. Bartlett, Brent. BeamIO. 2018.

Leachate Management

Clogged Leachate System Rehabilitation. Nemesh, Joseph J. Cornerstone Environmental Group, LLC. 2018.
Electrical Leak Location of Landfill Liner Geomembranes. Maskal, Adam K. GSE Environmental. 2018.
Emerging Contaminants in Leachate – A Sticky Situation. Shurie, Kirstie and Gary DiPippo. Cornerstone Environmental Group, LLC. 2018.
Future Precipitation Trends – Alternative Stormwater Collection and Leachate Reduction Methods. Dohner, Christopher S. Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. 2018.
Leachate Collection System Design and Construction Challenges. McDowell, Cory J. Barton & Loguidice, DPC. 2018.
Leachate Management Observations & Concerns: An Industry Perspective. Burrier, Jeff. Waste Connections. 2018.
Natural Treatment System for Control of Leachate Contaminated Groundwater. Dingman, Bryce. Barton & Loguidice, DPC. 2018.
Rising Sludge Blanket at the Treatment Plant: It Could Be Leachate Effluent. Kremen, Arie. Cornerstone Environmental Group, LLC. 2018.
Survey Results for Ammonia in Leachate / Technologies / Costs. Cooper, Ivan A. Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. 2018.
Using Thermal Energy from CHP Plants to Treat Challenging Waste Waters. Weigold, John. Heartland Water Technology, Inc. 2018.

Organics Management

Compost Manufacturing: “Servicing All Markets”. Gelewski, Gregory. Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency. 2018.
Compost Regulations. Baker, Molly. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. 2018.
Layered Approach™: Recycling Organics To Highest and Best Use. Darby, Debra. Organix Solutions. 2018.
When Compost Does Bad Things to Groundwater. Tonjes, David J. and John Norgard. Stony Brook University. Rapiejko, Andrew. Suffolk County Department of Health Services. 2018.

Part 360

Part 364 Waste Transporters. Dauphinais, Michael A. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. 2018.
Revised Part 360 Series Solid Waste Management Facility Regulations: Beneficial Use. Prather, Kathleen A. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. 2018.
Revised Part 360 Series Solid Waste Management Facility Regulations. Clarkson, Richard. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. 2018.

Product Stewardship, EPR, and Hard-to-Recycle Materials

Carpet Recycling: A Brief 18 Year History of a New Industry. Ragiel, Sean. CarpetCycle, LLC. 2018.
Carpet Recycling: Policy, Infrastructure, and Markets. Sanborn, Heidi. National Stewardship Action Council. 2018.
Mattress Recycling in NY. Hannon, John. Triad Recycling. 2018.
New Jersey Recycles Styrofoam! Casapulla, Reenee. Sussex County Municipal Utilities Authority. 2018.
NYS Plastic Bag Legislation. Radin, Andrew. Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency. 2018.
The State of Carpet Recycling in the United States: Policy & the Interface Role. Conway, Lisa. Interface Americas. 2018.

Public Outreach, Education, & Perception

How Strong Partnerships, Professional Expertise and the Right Tools Can Build Sustainable, Successful Institutional Waste Reduction Programs. Heineken, Barbara. Carton Council. 2018.
How to Build a Successful School Program. Giannini, Evadne. Hospitality Green. 2018.
Innovative Public Education and Outreach. Durnin, Christine. Pinckney Hugo Group. 2018.
Innovative Public Education and Outreach. Laibach, Terry. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. 2018.
Innovative Public Education and Outreach. Lawton, Kristen. Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency. 2018.
K-12 Education on Plastic Bag Pollution Prevention. Goldstein, Andrew. Erie County. 2018.

Quantification & Planning

Green Bonds for Solid Waste Projects. McCarthy, Richard N. Environmental Capital, LLC. 2018.
Increasing Interest in STEM by Underrepresented Groups through Packaging Research. Smith, Kim K. and David J. Tonjes. Stony Brook University. 2018.
Technology: Solving the Invisibility Factor. Ducker, Christien A. Safety Management Systems, Inc. 2018.
The Business Case for Data Standardization. Coven, Emily. Recyclist. 2018.
The “Inside-Out” Approach: A Practical Guide to Successful Project Development in Municipal Government. Goddard, Phil. Town of Bourne, MA. 2018.
Using Waste Characterization and Reporting Data to Assess State Goalsetting. Kantner, Debra L. and Brian F. Staley. Environmental Research & Education Foundation. 2018.

Recycling & Waste Reduction/Diversion

Improving Performance in a New York County: Working Toward State Goals. Eckstrom, Barbara. Tompkins County. Skumatz, Lisa A. Skumatz Economic Research Associates. 2018.
Keep Calm and Recycle On. Cappadona, Bob. Casella. Changaris, Steve. National Waste & Recycling Association. Porter, Jennifer F. Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, Inc. 2018.
Managing Print So That Together, We Are a Force for Good. McIntyre, Dale. Pharos. 2018.
Riverhead Water Resource Recovery Facility Upgrade and Reuse Program. Weiss, Christopher A. H2M architects + engineers. 2018.
Sustainable Waste Diversion Technologies to Promote a Circular Economy. Schofield, Richard. Enerkem. 2018.
Sustainable Waste Management: Benefits and Policy. Gilman, Paul. Covanta. 2018.

Soil Quality

Soil Contamination in New York City. Cheng, Zhongqi (Joshua). Brooklyn College of CUNY. 2018.
Surplus Anthropogenic Fill & Clean Native Sediment in NYC: Origin, Fate and Public Policy. Walsh, Daniel C. NYC Mayor’s Office of Environmental Remediation. 2018.
Sustainable Management of Urban Soil & Fill Material. Parisio, Steve. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. 2018.
The New York City Soil Survey. Vargas, Olga. United States Department of Agriculture. 2018.

Suzanne D. LaLonde Institute

Cost-Effective Engineering for Marine Debris Collection. Sprehe, Thomas G. KCI Technologies, Inc. 2018.


Biogas to Energy: Energy Markets. Holland, Jeremy. HDR, Inc. 2018.
Biogas-to-Energy Projects in New York State: Overcoming Uncertainties and Managing Risk. Pytlar, Ted. D&B Engineers and Architects, PC. 2018.
Building a Successful P3 Development Team: Biogas to Energy in NYS – Uncertainties/Risk. Moffatt, Brandon. StormFisher Environmental. 2018.
Howie, Bruce. HDR, Inc. 2018.
WTE Capital Refurbishments: Extending the Life of WTE Facilities Another 25 Years. Martirano, Jeff. HDR, Inc. Glance, Dereth. Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency. 2018.

Waste Transportation

Calling All Haulers – Do’s and Don’ts for Bidding on Collection Contracts for Small Haulers. Porter, Jennifer F. Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, Inc. 2018.
How a State-of-the-Art Intermodal System Moves NYC MSW. Caraccio, Dan. Covanta. 2018.
How to Successfully Deploy a ‘Smart Truck’ Onboard Computing (OBC) System. Lewandowski, Kevin. FleetMind. 2018.
The Pending New England Waste Crisis and What it Means to NY. Koehler, Christopher. HDR, Inc. 2018.
Throwing Risk Out With the Trash: Implications of Video Based Safety. Norman, Mike. SmartDrive Systems, Inc. 2018.