2017 Proceedings

2017 Conference Proceedings

Food Waste

Adding Food Scraps to the Composting Mix on a Shoestring: A Collaborative Approach. Lilkas-Rain, Dan. Town of Bethlehem, NY. 2017.
Confessions of a Former Food Waste Composter: Why Anaerobic Digestion is a Game-Changing Technology. Taylor, Paul. Bio-En Power, Inc. 2017.
Financial Incentives for Increased Food Recovery & Food Scraps Recycling. Baker, Molly and Kristine Ellsworth. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. 2017.
Food Recovery Programs Make Jobs! D’Souza, Dana, Lisa A. Skumatz and Michael Santulli. Skumatz Economic Research Associates. 2017.
Food Scraps Recycling: City Mouse/Country Mouse. Bates, Nate and Nancy Webster. Tompkins County, NY. 2017.
From Early Adopters to Laggards: Guiding NYS to More Efficient Food Waste Recovery. Hall, Missy. New York State Pollution Prevention Institute. 2017.

Landfill Design & Operations

An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Organics Recycling & its Impacts on MSW Landfills in NYS. Szalda, Bryan. GHD. 2017.
BIM Technology for Improved Landfill Design, Construction, and Operation. Reed, Timothy W. Sanborn Head & Associates, Inc. 2017.
Designing Landfills for Custodial Care: Is It Practical? Steinhauser, Eric S. Sanborn Head & Associates, Inc. 2017.
Foamed Glass Aggregates. Filshill, Archie and Theresa Loux. Aero Aggregates. 2017.
Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCLs): Advances in GCLs. Herlin, Bruno. Terrafix Geosynthetics, Inc. 2017.
Innovations in Electrical Leak Location. Gilson, Abigail. TRI Environmental. 2017.
Meeting Landfill Liner Regulations with Conductive Backed Geomembranes. Adesokan, Doyin. Solmax. 2017.
Reducing Our Carbon Footprint with Exposed Geomembrane and LiteEarth Closure Systems. Reichert, Clay. GSE Environmental. 2017.
Sustainable Landfilling: Evaluating the Potential Impact of Landfill Mining on Groundwater Quality. Soukup, William G. Cornerstone Environmental Group, LLC. 2017.
32 What Every Landfill Operator Needs to Know About Drainage. Hanrahan, Peter M. E.J. Prescott, Inc. 2017.

Landfill Gas

Caisson Wells: An Alternative to Vertical LFG Well Construction. Holmes, Robert A. Cornerstone Environmental Group, LLC. 2017.
Complex Solid Waste Air Permitting Issues: A Threat to Landfill Gas as an Alternative Fuel Source. Little, Heather H. Sanborn Head & Associates, Inc. Gay, John. Casella Waste Systems, Inc. 2017.
It’s a Smoke Screen: Locating Leaks in Buried Landfill Gas Header Piping. Curro, Joseph P. CDM Smith. 2017.
New Source Performance Standards and Emission Guidelines for Landfills: Navigating the Maze. Miller, Scott D. Cornerstone Environmental Group, LLC. 2017.
Phyto-Mitigation of Fugitive Hydrogen Sulfide Emissions. Valis, Edwin and Arie P. Kremen. Cornerstone Environmental Group, LLC. 2017.
Recovering Energy from Landfill Gas: An Environmental Benefit or Burden? Damiano, Lisa. Sanborn Head & Associates, Inc. 2017.
The Battle to Control Surface Emissions at Municipal Solid Waste Landfills. Clay, Ryan. Sanborn Head & Associates, Inc. 2017.
Transforming Gas Detection & Monitoring. Bartlett, Brent. BeamIO. 2017.
Using LandGEM to Model Methane Emissions from Landfills: Application at a Multi-Phase Site (Brookhaven Landfill, NY). Clark, Lori and David J. Tonjes. Stony Brook University. 2017.

Leachate Management

Innovative Approach to Design and Testing of Groundwater/Leachate Collection Trench at Unlined Landfill Yields Significant Cost Savings. Burns, Christopher. CHA. 2017.
Landfill Leachate Impacts from Coal Ash and Exploration & Production Wastes. Cooper, Ivan. Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. 2017.
Leachate Pre-Treatment for Total Nitrogen Removal. Baker, Peter G. and Donald Davis. Barton & Loguidice, DPC. Bills, Richard. Steuben County Solid Waste. 2017.
The Long Tail of Leachate Management. Kremen, Arie P. Cornerstone Environmental Group, LLC. 2017.

Organics Management

A Hybrid Approach to Decentralized Composting. McCarron, Gregory P. SCS Engineers. 2017.
Aerated Composting with a Renewable Thermal Energy System at VT Natural Ag Products. Jerose, Brian. Agrilab Technologies, Inc. 2017.
Contaminant Removal: NYC Composting Project at The Staten Island Composting Facility. Fleury, Brian. WeCare Denali, LLC. 2017.
Creative Community-Based Solutions for Organics Recycling in New York City. Balasundaram, Sashti. WeRadiate. 2017.
Deploying Innovative Odor Reduction Technologies. Carr, Nate. Quasar Energy Group. 2017.
Feedstock Separation: Organic versus Inorganic. Carr, Nate. Quasar Energy Group. 2017.
Innovations in Combining AD and Composting: Production of Biogas, High Quality Compost, and Recyclable Fractions from Mixed Waste. McDonald, Norma. OWS. 2017.
Landfills & Organic Bans: Are Anaerobic Digesters the Answer? Shaw, Prentiss A. and Diane Conroy. Cornerstone Environmental Group, LLC. 2017.
Municipal Compost Use In Green Infrastructure. Duprey, Charles. Naturcycle. 2017.
Organics Management – ‘The Maine Way’. MacDonald, George M. Maine Department of Environmental Protection. 2017.

Product Stewardship, EPR, and Other Policy

An Overview of Plastic Bag Laws. Romer, Jennie. Plasticbaglaws.org. 2017.
NYS E-Waste Recycling Program & Regulations (Part 368-1) Update. Moroukian, Mark. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. 2017.
Plastic Bag Policy. Rosen, Michael E. Food Industry Alliance of NYS. 2017.
Product Stewardship in NY: Past, Present, and Future. Cassel, Scott. Product Stewardship Institute. 2017.
Profiting from Cap and Trade. Veiga, Peter. Regional Municipality of Durham. 2017.
Vermont’s EPR Primary Battery Law. Holliday, Jen. Chittenden Solid Waste District. 2017.

Professional Development

Ethics Panel. Swyka, Mark A. Cornerstone Environmental Group, LLC. 2017.
Waste360 40 Under 40. Fordock, Ann. Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency. 2017.

Public Outreach, Education, & Perception

Making Your Brand an Experience: Education & Outreach Tools to Inspire Waste Reduction Engagement in 65 Maine Communities. Venhuizen, Katrina. EcoMaine. 2017.
Promoting Reusable Bags In Marbletown, NY: An Object Lesson in How Not to Promote Checkout Bag Legislation. Konrad, Tom. Marbletown Environmental Conservation Commission. 2017.
Reducing Plastic Bag Use in NY. Christensen, Jordan. Citizens Campaign for the Environment. 2017.
The Politics of Permitting MSW Projects: How to Improve Public Perception Without ‘Greenwashing’. Segal, Matthew and Siobhan Harley. Calvert Street Group. 2017.

Quantification & Planning

Pennsylvania Recycling Economic Impact Study. Bowen, Wayne and Pete Previte. Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center, Inc. 2017.
Procedural Tools to Expedite Project Approvals in New York – Two Case Studies. West, Thomas S. The West Firm, PLLC. 2017.
Process Improvement: Part 360 SWMF Annual Reporting. Clarkson, Richard and Jaime Lang. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. 2017.
Quantifying MSW Disposal in the U.S. and Northeast: Assessment via Facility-Based Methodology. Kantner, Debra L. and Bryan F. Staley. Environmental Research & Education Foundation. 2017.
The Evolving Ton. Smith, Kim K. and David J. Tonjes. Stony Brook University. 2017.

Recycling & Zero Waste

Addressing High Contamination Rates in Source Separated Recyclables and the Recovery of Additional Recyclables and Organics from MSW Through Dual Purpose MRFs. Pytlar, Theodore S. D&B Engineers and Architects, P.C. Coker, Craig. Coker Composting and Consulting. 2017.
Can your DATA help Increase Recycling? Dempsey, Bill. Recycling Perks. 2017.
Every Day Recycling in Orangetown. Dean, Jim. Town of Orangetown, NY. 2017.
Mixed Recycling – Citywide Rollout. Dranoff, Josh. City of Rochester, NY. 2017.
New Paltz Zero Waste Initiative: A Community Project. Petit, Laura. Town of New Paltz, NY. 2017.
New Sorting Solutions for Residential/ Commercial Paper and Flexible Packaging. Hottenstein, Felix. CP Group. 2017.
Principles of Source Separation and Collection Best Practices. Macaluso, Lorenzo. Center for EcoTechnology. 2017.
Universal Recycling: Vermont’s Recycling and Composting Initiative. Kelly, Josh. Vermont Agency of Natural Resources. 2017.

Suzanne D. LaLonde Institute

Emergence of PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances). Zemba, Stephen and Harrison Roakes. Sanborn Head & Associates, Inc. 2017.

Tools of the Trade

Environmental, Engineering, Geologic, Construction & Mapping Services. Hisert, Richard A. H2H Associates, LLC. 2017.
Using Apps to Promote Waste Management. Veiga, Peter. Regional Municipality of Durham. 2017.


A Comprehensive System Including Waste-to-Energy. Miller, Amy. Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency. 2017.
Energy from Waste: Where are We, and Where are We Going? Zemba, Stephen. Sanborn Head & Associates, Inc. 2017.
Enerkem Biorefineries: Setting a New Global Standard in Biofuels, Chemicals and Waste Management. Schofield, Richard. Enerkem. 2017.