2016 Proceedings

2016 Conference Proceedings

Food Waste

Food Donation Guidance for Businesses. Macaluso, Lorenzo.
Center for EcoTechology. 2016.
Food for Free. Papura, Sasha. Food For Free. 2016.
Food Waste Mandates: A Service Provider’s Perspective. Webb,
Abbie. Casella Resource Solutions. 2016.
Lessons Learned in a Food Waste Composting Operation. Pleasanton,
Waylon. Sustainable Generation. 2016.
More Food, Less Waste: How Technology Can Support Community-Based
Initiatives that Encourage Food Recovery
. Ashenfelter,
Ricky. Spoiler Alert. 2016.
The Adjacent Possible: Emerging Interest in Food Scraps by WRRFs.
Christiansen, Kendall. Gaia Strategies. 2016.


Landfill Design & Operations

A Comparison of the Hydraulic Properties of Tubular and Geonet
Drainage Geocomposites Considering Landfill Leachate Conditions
Steinhauser, Eric. Sanborn, Head & Associates Inc. Fourmont,
Stephan. Afitex-Texel Geosynthetics. 2016.
CELL 7 Vertical Lining System. Vetri, Thomas. Town of Babylon.
Construction Challenges of a Dry Ash Landfill Expansion. White, Willy.
Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. 2016.
Development of a Willow-Based Evapotranspiration Cover System. Eallonardo,
Anthony S. O’Brien & Gere. 2016.
Management Alternatives for Reverse Osmosis Leachate Treatment Concentrate.
Pannucci, David. Progressive Waste Solutions. Kremen, Arie.
Cornerstone Environmental Group, LLC. 2016.
Maximizing Airspace Capacity Through Predicted Overfill Settlement.
Hammerer, Laura and Patrick Bell. Cornerstone Environmental
Group, LLC. 2016.
Operating Data and Modeling Results from an MBR/RO Pilot System Treating
Landfill Leachate
. Sposato, Mark. O’Brien &
Gere. 2016.
Oshawa Landfill Slope Stability Pilot Project using Filtrexx Slope
Stabilization Technology
. Scobie, Cassie. Regional Municipality
of Durham. Bisaillon, Ron. Organic Express. 2016.
Overview of Leachate Treatment Technologies – Pros, Cons, Costs,
. Cooper, Ivan A. Civil and Environmental Consultants,
Inc. 2016.
Spray Applied Membranes – Practical Considerations for Use
in Landfill Redevelopment
. Nemesh, Joseph J. Cornerstone
Environmental Group, LLC. 2016.
Successes and Challenges: Broome County Section IV Landfill Expansion.
Smith, Bradford. GHD. 2016.
What Every Landfill Operator Needs to Know About Erosion Control.
Hanrahan, Pete. Everett J. Prescott, Inc. 2016.


Landfill Gas

Air Emissions from Landfill-Gas-to-Energy Engines: A Health Risk?
Zemba, Stephen and Lisa Damiano. Sanborn, Head and Associates,
Inc. 2016.
Automated Well Field Control. Campanella, Andrew. Loci Controls.
Design, Construction and Operation: Landfill Gas Horizontal Collectors.
Wilkinson, Lisa K. and Gregory P. McCarron. SCS Engineers.
Well Dewatering Pumps Powered by the Sun Increase LFG Production. Curro,
Joseph P. and David Hightower. CDM Smith. 2016.


Organics Management

Assessment of Organics Recycling in New York State. Feinland, Gary
and Sally Rowland. New York State Department of Environmental
. 2016.
Building New York’s Low Carbon Future: Renewable Energy from
Sustainable Resource Recovery
. Huttner, Jack. New York
Biogas Study Group. 2016.
Cayuga Regional Digester. Bishop, Wayne. CH4 Energy. 2016.
Developing Capacity for Organics Composting in New York State: A Review
of Available Assets and Lessons Learned from Other Jurisdictions
Thoman, Bobbie. Walker Environmental Group. 2016.
Developing Market Opportunities for Compost: Erosion Control and More.
Duprey, Charles D. Naturcycle, LLC. 2016.
NYS Organic Diversion Initiatives. Vitale, David. New York
State Department of Environmental Conservation. 2016.
Response to Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Outbreak 2015.
Bonhotal, Jean. Cornell Waste Management Institute. 2016.

The US Composting Council’s Seal of Testing Assurance (STA)
. Rattie, Al. US Composting Council. 2016.


Product Stewardship & EPR

Pharmaceutical Extended Producer Responsibility: Can EPR Policy Effectively
Tackle the Opiate Crisis?
Timm, Dawn M. Niagara County.
Armellino, Kenneth E. Covanta. 2016.
Product Stewardship in NY: Past, Present, and Future. Cassel, Scott.
Product Stewardship Institute. 2016.
The ACRC Pesticide Container Stewardship Program: A Model for
Other Ag Plastics?
Perkins, Ron. Ag Container Recycling
Council. 2016.


Public Outreach & Education

with Purpose
. Flower, Will. Winters Bros. Waste Systems.
Empowering Diversion at the Curb with Incentives, Education and Ease.
Doster, Diane. Recyclebank. 2016.
Illegal Dumping Campaign. Ribsam, Katie and Artie Zanfini. New
Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. 2016.
Social Marketing – Making and Measuring Behavioral Change
in New York
. Skumatz, Lisa A. Skumatz Economic Research
Associates, Inc. 2016.
The Traits of Visionary Leadership. Flower, Will. Winters
Bros. Waste Systems. 2016.
What is the Best Way to Train College Students for a Waste Management
Rynk, Robert. SUNY Cobleskill. 2016.


Quantification & Planning

Capturing Comprehensive Diversion Rates. Piedmont-Fleischmann,
Bodhi. Cornerstone Environmental Group, LLC. 2016.
Changes in Waste Stream Size Over the Past Decade. Smith, Kim
K. and David Tonjes. Stony Brook University. 2016.
Down This Road Before: In a Different Direction. Nestor, Michele.
Nestor Resources, Inc. 2016.
Durham York Energy Centre: Contributing to a Sustainable Future.
Veiga, Peter. Regional Municipality of Durham. Howie, Bruce.
HDR Inc. 2016.
The Science of Inequality. Waffenschmidt, John G. Covanta.
We Have the Wrong Goals: Better Ways to Measure and Recognize
Diversion Progress
. Skumatz, Lisa A. Skumatz Economic
Research Associates, Inc. 2016.
We’re Stuck! Strategies for Communities with Mature Recycling
& Composting Collection Programs
. Skumatz, Lisa
A. Skumatz Economic Research Associates, Inc. 2016.
What’s Up Up North!!! Lesson’s Learned. Howie, Bruce.
HDR Inc. 2016.


Commercial Recycling: Drivers, Problems, and Solutions. Skumatz,
Lisa A. Skumatz Economic Research Associates, Inc. 2016.
Effects of Glass Recycling in the Glass Container Industry.
Baylor, Pam. Anchor Glass. 2016.
Keep Your Caps On! Pochiro, Kara. The Association of Plastic
Recyclers. 2016.
LCD the New CRT? The Next Challenge in Electronics Recycling.
Shine, Adam. Sunnking Electronics Recycling. 2016.
PET Recycling Markets, Trends & Challenges. Dimino, Resa. National
Association for PET Container Resources. 2016.
Recycling Markets Impacts on Solid Waste Management Systems –
Looking at the Big Picture
. Pytlar, Theodore, S. D&B
Engineers and Architects, P.C. 2016.
State of Glass Recycling. Fordock, Ann. OCRRA. 2016.
Striving To Make North America A Global Model For The Collection
And Quality Recycling Of Packaging Materials
. Collins,
Susan. Container Recycling Institute. 2016.
Trex’s Continued Mission to Collect More Household Film. Norman,
Samara. Trex Company, Inc. 2016.
Where is “Mrfing” Going? New York State and Beyond.
Berenyi, Eileen. Governmental Advisory Associates, Inc.



An Empirical Study on the Disposal and Acquisition of Second-Hand
. Fortuna, Lorena M. and Vasil Diyamandoglu.
The City College of New York. 2016.
Electronic Recycling. Gordon-Byrne, Gay. The Repair Association.



3 T’s of Any Project. Parrish, Victor. Creative Information
Systems. 2016.
7 Safety Tips That Will Save Someone’s Life. Flower,
Will. Winters Bros. Waste Systems. 2016.
Protecting Your Business – Using Video to Improve Safety, Compliance
and Revenue
. Mitgang, Steve. SmartDrive Systems. 2016.
Safety – Slow Down to Get Around. Changaris, Steve. National
Waste and Recycling Association. 2016.



Materials Transfer and Transportation. Sabino, Al. Casella Resource
Solutions. 2016.
Waste Fleets are “Smartening” Up: Innovations in Smart
Truck Technologies & Capabilities
. Padilla, Don
Diego. FleetMind Solutions, Inc. Dodds, Bryan. McNeilus
Companies. 2016.


Waste Diversion

Pay-As-You-Throw and the Power of Incentives for Solid Waste Reduction.
Lisauskas, Stephen. WasteZero. 2016.
Pay-As-You-Throw / Variable Rates for Trash Collection. Skumatz, Lisa
A. Skumatz Economic Research Associates, Inc. 2016.
Waste Diversion.
Muir, Rod. Sierra Club. 2016.



Enhanced Ash Processing and Beneficial Use: An Opportunity to Further
. Sweeney, Sean C. Barton & Loguidice,
D.P.C. 2016.
Indirect Inclined Flaming Pyrolytic Reactor Gasifier (IIFPRG) for
Waste to Energy Applications
. Amodeo, Paul. SUNY Cobleskill.
Taking WTE Ash Recycling to the Next Level in the U.S. Joyner,
John. Inashco North America. 2016.
WTE Capital Refurbishments: Extending the Life of WTE Facilities
Another 25 Years
. Martirano, Jeff. HDR Inc. 2016.


Zero Waste

New York City: The Road to Zero Waste – A Changing Commercial
Waste Sector
. Biderman, David. Solid Waste Association
of North America. 2016.
The Case Against Zero Waste: It’s Ideological Nonsense.
Zessin, Mark. Anchor Engineering Services, Inc. 2016.
Zero Waste in New York City. Garcia, Kathryn. NYC Sanitation.