2015 Proceedings

2015 Conference Proceedings

Conversion Technology

“Wet” and “Dry” Anaerobic Digestion Technology Solutions
for Processing Municipal Solid Waste
. Cummings, Meredith.
BIOFerm Energy Systems. 2015.
Learning to Love Three Dimensional Whack-a Mole: Implementing Conversion
Technologies in the 21st Century
. Worster, Shawn. HDR,
Inc. 2015 Workforce Management

Ethics Panel
. Swyka, Mark A. (Moderator). Cornerstone
Environmental Group. 2015.
Succession Planning Panel. Fangmann, Steve (Moderator). New York
Water Environment Association. 2015.


Safety in Landfill Operations. Campman, Christopher. Barton
& Loguidice, D.P.C. 2015.
STEP-UP to World Class Safety. Hurley, Beth. Covanta Energy.
Composting Operations Safety & Awareness. Hasemeier, Robert.
Barton & Loguidice, D.P.C. 2015.
Landfill Design, Operations & Post-Closure
Do’s and Don’ts of Leachate Management. Ruocco, Ron.
Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. 2015.
Ferry Point Park Landfill – NYC’s Newest Golf Course.
Arakhan, Sam. NYSDEC. 2015.
Final Cover Stormwater Management: Alternative Materials of Construction.
Shamoian, Paul and Amy Knight. Civil & Environmental
Consultants, Inc. 2015.
Innovations in Recapping an Industrial Landfill. Lasdin Momberger,
Sue. NYSDEC. Lang, Dan. ARCADIS-US, Inc. 2015.
LEACHATE: Rein It In. Bell, Patrick, Justin Obermeyer and Laura Hammerer.
Cornerstone Environmental Group. 2015.
Mechanically Stabilized Earth Berms: Pennsylvania Landfill Overview.
Ballod, Charles P. Golder Associates Inc. 2015.
Overcoming UV Interference in Leachate Discharges. Cooper, Ivan
A. Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. Keen, Olya
S. University of North Carolina. 2015.
Phyto-Utilization of Leachate. Granley, Brad. Leachate Management Specialists,
LLC. 2015.
Remediating a Natural Attenuation Landfill. MacNeil, Darren. Regional
Municipality of Durham. 2015.
Stop Hauling that Leachate! From Concept to Operation. Sapir,
Rick. Hawkins Delafield & Wood LLP. Kremen, Arie. Cornerstone
Environmental Group. 2015.
Temporary Exposed Geomembrane Caps: The Benefits Outweigh the Costs.
Hammerer, Laura, Bodhi Piedmont-Fleischmann and Mark Swyka.
Cornerstone Environmental Group. 2015.
Using Horizontal Extraction Wells to Contain Leachate Plumes Near
. Soukup, William G. Cornerstone Environmental
Group. 2015.
Vertical Lined Barrier System Case Study: Four Hills Landfill.
Clay, Ryan L. Sanborn, Head & Associates, Inc. 2015.
Why it Took Half a Career to Close a Landfill. Burns, Christopher.
CHA Consulting, Inc. 2015.

Landfill Gas

A Novel Treatment for H2S-Contaminated Landfill Gas. Clark,
Lori. Stony Brook University. 2015.
Do It Yourself (DIY) Electrical Generation. Baron, John R.
Cape May County Municipal Utilities Authority. 2015.
Extracting Landfill Gas from Developed Sites While Maximizing Public
Safety and Minimizing Visual Impact
. Curro, Joseph P.
CDM Smith. 2015.
Landfill Gas Collection & Control at the Lebanon Regional Solid
Waste Facility
. Estabrooks, Matthew E. Sanborn, Head
& Associates, Inc. 2015.

Organics Management/Compost

Food: Too Good to Waste. Chaput, Rachel. United States Environmental
Protection Agency. 2015.
Food for Thought – Integrating Degradable Plastics Composting
into Waste Management Plans
. Bonhotal, Jean. Cornell
Waste Management Institute. 2015.
New York State Organic Resource Analysis. Labuzetta, Ava. New
York State Pollution Prevention Institute. Ebner, Jackie.
Golisano Institute for Sustainability. 2015.
Organic Recycling: Coming to a State Near You. McCrae Kessler,
Amy. Turning Earth, LLC. 2015.

Product Stewardship & EPR

Battery Stewardship in the United States. Monahan, Charles P.
Panasonic. 2015.
Beyond the Plateau: New and Proposed Extended Producer Responsibility
– Mercury Thermostats
. Kiscaden, Ryan L. Thermostat
Recycling Corporation. 2015.
Electronic Waste Management: A Municipal Perspective. Timm, Dawn.
Niagara County. 2015.
From the Manufacturer’s Perspective. Alcorn, Walter.
Consumer Electronics Association. 2015.
NYS Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act: Achievements
and Challenges
. Moroukian, Mark. NYSDEC. 2015.
PaintCare Paint Stewardship Program. Clarke, Marie. American Coatings
Association. 2015.

Public Outreach & Education

Educating Customers to Improve Recycling. Flower, Will. Winters
Bros. Waste Systems. 2015.
Interactive Web Approach to Environmental Education. Mandery, Theresa.
OCRRA. 2015.
“Live What You Learn” Stakeholders Forum. Panetta, Renee
(Moderator). Guilderland Central School District. 2015.
Nonprofit Reuse Support in New York City. Rose, Benjamin. NYC
Center for Materials Reuse. 2015.
SAFE Disposal in NYC. Kitchener, Kate. NYC Department of
Sanitation. 2015.
Website Overview: “Re-Clothe NY”. Laibach, Lauren.
New York State Association for Reduction, Reuse and Recycling.


Achieving Success with Public Space Recycling. Starr, Natalie.
DSM Environmental Services, Inc. 2015.
Brand Owner Use of Recycled Content. Alexander, Steve. The
Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers. 2015.
Cape May County MUA Plant Conversion from Dual to Single Stream –
Case Study
. Baron, John R. Cape May County Municipal
Utilities Authority. 2015.
Design Considerations for Advanced Recycling Facilities. Pytlar,
Theodore S. D&B Engineers & Architects, P.C. 2015.
Impact of a Change from Dual Stream to Single Stream Recycling.
Aphale, Omkar. Stony Brook University. 2015.
Plastics Recycling Markets. Pochiro, Kara. The Association of
Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers. 2015.
Recycling in NYC. Quinn, Maite. Sims Municipal Recycling. 2015.
Surveying Local Recycling Dynamics. Fornof, Nicole. Waste Management.


Energy Savings through Solar Energy for Municipalities. Kurtz,
Jim. Sunvestment Group. 2015.
From Trash to Flash: The Clarkstown Landfill Solar Field.
Gromack, Alexander J. Town of Clarkstown, NY. Desmarais,
George W. H2M architects + engineers. 2015.
Solar Projects at Closed Landfills in New York State. Clarkson,
Rick. NYSDEC. 2015.

Metrics & Planning

Everything You Have Ever Wanted to Know for a Waste Audit. Jackson,
Debbie. NYSDEC. 2015.
Industry Perspective: The Conversation Continues. Morris, Meg
(Moderator). Covanta Energy. 2015.

Suzanne D. LaLonde Institute Session

Role of Innovative Resource Recovery Approaches in the Resilience
of Cities
. Diyamandoglu, Vasil. The City College of
New York. 2015.


All Fired Up: The Making of the Durham York Energy Centre

Howie, Bruce. HDR Corporation. Januzkiewicz, Mirka. Regional
Municipality of Durham. 2015.
Ingredients for Successful EfW Projects. Neuhoff, Joey. Covanta
Energy. 2015.
Rising from the Ground -A Look at the Palm Beach Renewable Energy
Facility No. 2 on Track for 2015 Commercial Operation
Schauer, Ray and Patrick Carroll. Solid Waste Authority
of Palm Beach County. Richter, Leah and Joseph Krupa. ARCADIS-US,
Inc. 2015.