2014 Proceedings

2014 Conference Proceedings

Anaerobic Digestion

Anaerobic Digestion of High Solids Organic Material. McDowell,
John. Biogas Solutions. 2014.
Diverting Food Waste From Landfills Using Anaerobic Digestion.
Kurtz, Mel. Quasar Energy Group. 2014.
Organic Waste Diversion: Permitting an Anaerobic Digester Project.
Dohner, Chris and Amy Knight. Civil & Environmental
Consultants. 2014.

Fleet Maintenance

Utilization of Waterless Coolant to Improve Fuel Economy and Increase
Engine Durability
. Stone, Mark J. Evans Cooling Systems,
Inc. 2014.

Gas Technologies

Casella Waste Systems CNG Initiative. Vanderhoof, Peter. Casella
Waste Systems, Inc. 2014.
CNG For Your Fleet: How to Make it Happen. West, Drew. American
Natural Gas. 2014.
From Power Generation to RNG Production – Shifting Paradigms. DiGia,
Richard M. EIF Renewable Energy Holdings. 2014.
High-level Economic overview/opportunity for Compressed Natural Gas
(CNG) and Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)
. Simpson, Larry.
Willdan Energy Solutions. 2014.
Toward a Sustainable Transportation Future: From Fossil Gas to Renewable
Natural Gas
. Tomich, Matthew P. Energy Vision. 2014.

Landfill Design & Operations

A Case Study of Sites Dealing with Landfill Odors. O’Dell,
Daryl and Matt Beebe. Cornerstone Environmental Group, LLC.
BOD, COD, NH3 Reduction and Removal. O’Brien, John. NCM
Odor and Dust Control. 2014.
Beyond 30 Years: Managing the Future Today. Januszkiewicz,
Mirka. Regional Municipality of Durham, Ontario, Canada.
Mutch, Robert. Mutch Associates, LLC. Phaneuf, Robert. NYSDEC.
Smith, Bradford. GHD. Swyka, Mark. Cornerstone Environmental
Group, LLC. 2014.
Case Study of Water Evacuation from a Waste Cover via Evapotranspiration
and a Drainage Geocomposite
. Fourmont, Stephan. AFITEX-TEXEL.
Differentiating Groundwater Plumes Near Landfills. Soukup, William G.
Cornerstone Environmental Group, LLC. Mutch, Robert D. Mutch
Associates, LLC. 2014.
Geotechnical Considerations During Landfill Closure. Burke, Walter
W. Paulus, Sokoloski and Sartor, LLC. 2014.
Historic Fill & Old Landfills: Tools for Delineation. Parisio,
Steven. NYSDEC. 2014.
How Solar Can Make You Money at Your Landfill. McDonough, Amy.
Borrego Solar Systems, Inc. 2014.
Hydrogen Sulfide Treatment – A Case Study Involving the Selection,
Construction and Treatment of Two Technologies at a Regional
MSW Landfill
. Wilsey, Steven D. and Bryan Szalda. Conestoga-Rovers
& Associates, Inc. 2014.
Leak Location Surveys – Enhanced Sensitivity with Geosynthetic
. Diviacchi, Vincent. GSE Environmental. 2014.
Making the Case for Geotechnical Instrumentation of Landfills –
How Instrumentation Can Save Your Site
. Holmes, Rob.
Cornerstone Environmental Group, LLC. 2014.
Organics and High Permeability at Landfill Sites – Optimal
. Frappa, Richard H. GEI Consultants. 2014.

Specifications and Oversight for Electrical Leak Location Surveys.
Beck, Abigail. TRI Environmental. 2014.
The Leachate Treatment and Disposal Albatross. DiPippo, Gary. Cornerstone
Environmental Group, LLC. Carbonaro, Rich. Mutch Associates,
LLC. 2014.
Turning the Corner at 24.Brookhaven Landfill. Bell, Patrick
M. and Bodhi Piedmont-Fleischmann. Cornerstone Environmental
Group, LLC. 2014.
Understanding Leak Location Surveys and NYCRR Part 363. Kemnitz, Matthew
P. and Daren L. Laine. Leak Location Services, Inc. 2014.

Landfill Gas

Beyond Power Production and Boiler Fuel – Innovative Combustion
Based Alternatives for Landfill Gas Utilization
. Curro,
Joseph P. CDM Smith. 2014.
An Alternative Energy Network Case Study: Supplying Green Energy to Industry.
Sweeney, Sean C. Barton & Loguidice, D.P.C. 2014.
Federal Greenhouse Gas Reporting at Municipal Solid Waste Landfills.
Damiano, Lisa. Sanborn, Head & Associates, Inc. 2014.
On-Line Landfill Gas Reporting. Little, Heather H. Sanborn,
Head & Associates, Inc. 2014.
Solar Pumps Boost Gas Production, Address Groundwater Issues,
At Upper MW Landfill
. Bertane, Mark. Blackhawk Technology
Company. 2014.
Using Desiccants for Treatment of Landfill Gas for Seasonal Use
. Curro, Joseph P. and David J. Hightower.
CDM Smith. 2014.

Organics Management/Compost

Build It Green! NYC. Martig, Erik. Build It Green!Compost. 2014.

Food Scraps Recycling: The Next Frontier of Sustainable Materials
Management in Tompkins County
. Eckstrom, Barbara and
Kat McCarthy. Tompkins County Solid Waste Management Division.
Growing Organics Collections in NYC: The Evolution of the GrowNYC Food Scrap
Collection Program & More
. Hurd, David. GrowNYC.
Love ‘Em & Leave ‘Em: Leaf Mulching Initiative.
Jaffe Holmes, Anne. Greenburgh Nature Center. 2014.
Managing NYC’s Wood Debris in the Context of a Changing Climate.
Lange, Robert. NYC Department of Sanitation. 2014.
OCRRA’s Aerated Static Pile (ASP) Composting System at the Amboy
Compost Site
. Gelewski, Greg. Onondaga County Resource
Recovery Agency. 2014.
Odor Mastering System for Organics Treatment Operations. Beaulé,
Claude. Vertal US Inc. 2014.
Organic Materials from MSW for Effective Energy Recovery and Composting –
Can it be Done?
Egosi, Nathiel G. RRT Design & Construction.
Organics Collection in NYC. Adler, Marisa. NYC Department of
Sanitation. 2014.
Organics Management: Trends & Opportunities. Scozzafava, Lori.
US Composting Council
. 2014.
Organics Recovery Alternatives. Bevington, George. Gerhardt LLC.
Reducing, Recovering, and Recycling Food Scraps. Bradley, Athena
Lee. Northeast Recycling Council. 2014.
Scalable Organic Waste Conversion Solutions. Woods, Scott. Sustainable
Generation, LLC. 2014.
Surplus Food Recovery: an Urban Model and Guide. O’Donnell,
Thomas and Luke Wolfgang. United States Environmental Protection
Agency. 2014.
The Infinitus Energy Advanced Mixed Materials Recovery Facility Debuts
in Montgomery, Alabama
. Mowitz, Kyle. The Imperium Companies.
Wastewater Treatment Plant + Organics Recycling = Municipal Energy
. Westbook, Greg. ClearCove Systems, Inc. Ramer,
Dan. City of Ithaca, NY. 2014.

Product Stewardship and EPR

EPR for Paper and Packaging in Rhode Island. Rhodes, Jamie.
Clean Water Action. 2014.
Looking Ahead: Improving Recovery of Packaging and Printed Paper
in the U.S.
Wnuck, Stefanie. Product Stewardship Institute,
Inc. 2014.

Recycling & Public Outreach

Applying a Community Based Social Marketing (CBSM) Framework to Improve
Institutional Recycling Rates
. Giannini, Evadne. HospitalityGreen
LLC. 2014.
Batteries Dead? Recycle Instead! Curbside Battery Recycling: A Canadian
Case Study
. Veiga, Peter. Regional Municipality of Durham,
Ontario, Canada. 2014.
Bedford 2020 Community Coalition Leads Town Single Stream Recycling
and PAYT Programs
. Kuniholm, Peter. SCS Engineers. Conrad,
Ellen. Bedford 2020. 2014.
Behavior Change, Education & Action: Implementing the Keep America
Beautiful Model in Your Community
. Donovan, Alexandra.
Keep America Beautiful. 2014.
Best Practices in Public Space Recycling. Alexander, Michael.
Recycle Away, LLC. 2014.
Green&Go: A Reusable to-go Container Pilot Project at The New School.
Merli, Laura, Katherine Nehring and Devashree Saha. The
New School. 2014.
Madison County Agricultural Plastics Recycling Program. Zecca,
James A. Madison County Department of Solid Waste. 2014.
Sustainability at Wegmans. Guido, Bill. Wegmans. 2014.


Promoting Reuse via Reuse Marketplace Website. Bradley, Athena
Lee and Mary Ann Remolador. Northeast Recycling Council.
Second Hand Textile Industry Perspective. DeGeorge, Ben. St.
Pauly Textile Inc. 2014.
Secondhand Clothing Recovery, Recycle & Reuse Industry. Stubin,
Eric. Council for Textile Recycling. 2014.
Textile Recovery: Revealing the Great Untapped Recyclable. Rain, Dan.
Town of Bethlehem, NY. 2014.
Textile Recycling Workshop. Nash, Brooke. MassDEP. 2014.
The Community ReUse Center Model. Cohen, Diane. Finger Lakes ReUse,
Inc. 2014.

Solid Waste Quantification & Planning

Links Among Recycling Percents, Separation Efficiencies,
and Waste Composition
. Tonjes, David J. and Omkar Aphale.
Stony Brook University. 2014.
Maximizing the Value of Your Free Re-TRAC Connect Account. Penner,
Rick. Re-TRAC Connect. 2014.
NYC Agency Safe Handling Program for Universal & Electronic Waste.
Hirschler, Dave. NYC Department of Sanitation. 2014.
NYSDEC’s Environmental Audit Incentive Policy. Hanny, David R.
Barton & Loguidice, D.P.C. 2014.
Performance Evaluation of Town Waste Districts. Mallikarjun, Sreekanth,
Omkar Aphale and David J. Tonjes. Stony Brook University.
Pile of Garbage or Community Necessity? NIMBYs and overcoming “the
other one percent.”
Segal, Matthew. Calvert Street
Group. 2014.
Rethinking Waste Diversion. Sidler, Stephanie. Regional Municipality
of Durham, Ontario, Canada
. 2014.
Understanding Waste Management: By the Numbers. Vitale, David. NYSDEC
Division of Materials Management. 2014.

Stormwater Management and Water Quality

A Centralized & Sustainable Approach to Managing Shale Gas Wastewater
& Residuals
. Leone, Jerry. Casella Waste Systems,
Inc. 2014.
Does Your Facility’s Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Meet
the New MSGP Sector N Requirements?
Falk, Christina.
Water Action Compliance Assistance and Planning. 2014.

Suzanne D. LaLonde Institute Sessions

Green Infrastructure.
Engel, Karen. NYSDEC. 2014.
Impacts of Water Inflow Changes on the Fishes of the World’s
Largest Desert Lake
. Gownaris, Natasha. Stony Brook
University. 2014.
Lessons from the Puerto Rico Recycling Partnership: Engaging Students
and Community Groups in Sustainable Materials Management
Cardoso, Laura and Melissa Young. Syracuse University Environmental
Finance Center. 2014.


Durham York Energy Centre: Putting a Plan Into Action. Howie,
Bruce. HDR, Inc. 2014.
EFW and Diversion Can Work Together. Januszkiewicz, Mirka. Regional Municipality
of Durham, Ontario, Canada. 2014.
The Role of Energy-from-Waste: An Ontario Perspective. Neuhoff,
Joey. Covanta Energy. 2014.